Want to be a Doctor?

Many people have dreams of becoming doctors and saving lives, but between you and the career as a medical doctor is a whole lot of rigorous training, there to make sure that you can handle the great responsibility that comes with the job. Requirements vary from country to country, but intense dedication is a mandatory across the board.

Hungary is one of the best places where your dream can come true because of our highly reputable Medical universities.

  • The Medical Program covers 6 years, which is 12 semesters. After the six years program candidates could gain a General Physician degree and after that they can get their specialization in different fields.
  • The first two years serve as the foundation of basic medical knowledge. From the third year theoretical training is extended with clinical practice, where students also take part in the work of the clinical departments and the teaching hospitals. In the last two semesters – the clerkship year – students perform clinical rotations of 37 weeks
  • At the conclusion of the program (State Board Examination) the title Doctor of Medicine is granted for those who have met all the requirements of the training


Semmelweis University
University of Szeged
University of Pécs