Medical Bullet2   Nursing B.Sc. Program

Nurses holding a B.Sc. degree can organize, manage and supervise all their internal medical, surgical, o bstetric-gynecological, psychiatric, intensive nursing and primary care t asks in every area of health care. They are responsible for conducting the health-nursing nurs activity prescribed by the physicians, a nd help the patient and the physician in performing certain examinations.
Length of studies: 8 semesters

Medical Bullet2   Nursing M.Sc. Program

In this M.Sc. program you will be able to gain multi-disciplinary skills to work in any of the national and international health systems, the mid- and higher level system of institutions of nursing.
Length of studies: 3 semesters

Medical Bullet2   Midwifery Program

Midwives are professionals who are qualified to conduct their work in the obstetrics-gynecology areas independently and carry the attached responsibility, while cooperating with other members of the staff in perinatal monitoring, assist in deliveries and provide neonatal care.
Lenght of studies: 8 semesters


Semmelweis University
University of Pécs