Description of programme

It is designed for students who have sufficient level of English but lack the knowledge of medicine related subjects. After completing the program they have the opportunity to apply for University admission.

The Pre-Medical Program provides a smooth adaptation year for all the newcomers. You will meet international students from different cultures in small-size groups. You will get adapted to an independent way of life and you will learn how to prepare yourself to oral and written exams.

The Pre-Medical Program is also a social experience. Social events, trips to the countryside, lectures about Hungarian culture will make this year an unforgettable experience before your university studies.

The length of study is 1 or 2 semesters:

Medical Bullet2   The two-semester courses start each October

Medical Bullet2   The one-semester Intensive courses start each January

The Pre-Medical Programs are arranged in the historic building of College International, where you will also meet other international students of the McDaniel College Budapest and American students from the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics.

Medical Bullet2   Faculty:   Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Medical Bullet2   Degree:    Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Medical Bullet2   Duration of course: 8 semesters

Medical Bullet2   Language of instruction: English


McDaniel College
Semmelweis University
University of Szeged
McDaniel College